2-Week No Bloat Protocol

Select: In-Person Initial Consultation - Adult or Telemedicine Initial Consultation - Adult & then book in when you’re available!

For complimentary consultations we do require a card on file but it will not be charged.

For more information about payment privacy click here: https://jane.app/guide/privacy-and-security/is-jane-pci-compliant?source=in-app-search

Encryption & Secure Data Transfer Anytime you transfer data from your computer to Jane, the information is encrypted with the same level of security as your bank uses to transfer information.

Zero Credit Card Data in Jane Jane never stores a client’s plain credit card information directly on Jane’s servers. When you enter a credit card in Jane, Jane instantly transfers that data to one of our payment processing partners (Stripe) through encrypted transfer. Our PCI-compliant payment processing partners store that information for Jane.